Friday, May 1, 2009

Dieting Mystery Solved! And, Happy National Bike Month.

Bike to work week and bike to work day is this month too.

I lost 4.5 lbs. during the last 7 days. Go figure, I can't explain it, must be the Tastee sandwiches that melted the pounds away. My thighs are still big though.

I've been 'needing' one of those new lightweight bikes since mine weighs in at 43 Lbs. with all the junk I've put on it. A good fast bike might weigh around 15 pounds. Well, with my budget that'll never happen unless Jesus makes it happen. Until then I could just keep eating Tastee sandwiches.

Since I lost 4.5 Lbs. eating 3 Tastees that equals 1.5 pounds lost for each sandwich consumed.

It's common knowledge that your propelling the same weight on your bike whether it's the bike itself or it's the fat hanging over your belt. So, time for some quick math.

New lightweight bike = $6299 14.21 Lbs.

Tastee sandwiches $1.45 Lose 1.5 Lbs. each.

To get myself and my 43 Lb. bike down to a fast weight we need to lose 28.79 Lbs. I already lost 4.5 Lbs. from the first three Tastees, now that leaves 24.29 Lbs. to go. So, 24.29 divided by 1.5 = 16.19 more Tastee sandwiches I need to eat before me and my bike are fast. At a cost of $24.65. Saving me $6274.35! Wow, I can eat like a pig, ride fast and save over six grand all at the same time! Isn't cycling great?

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