Friday, May 29, 2009

Love, Scotch Tapped Pistol Grips, Dieablo & Spray Park

Took it easy on the ride home and wondered how the obviously much loved cap gun broke and the grips ended up abandoned on the bike trail.

I realized there is probally another broken hearted little guy out there when I spotted this "Jump like a frog" Dieablo hat on the Billy Wolff trail.

Spring love is in full bloom as evidenced by the couple I sped by (not pictured) frenching in the 27th St underpass and the lovers sitting on the rocks east of the zoo.

And I couldn't help but wish I was one of the preschoolers running through the spray fountains in the park.

There were lots of bikes out on the trails. Hope you'll make time to play outside. Have fun! You never know what you'll see!

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