Thursday, April 30, 2009

Damp ride this morning.

Had to break easy and turn slow to avoid falling on the wet trails. I was thinking that replacing The Sower on the Capitol with a light house beacon might be helpful on foggy mornings.

But other than that, there was no wind and I felt great.

Last night my palate lost its innocence to the locally known Tastee.

Photo lifted from Maggie, a talented local photographer.

I think the grease from the 3 sandwiches I ate lubed up my joints and helped this mornings ride go so smoothly.

Cyclist: replace your power bars and goo packs with a Tastee sandwich and you'll be fine.

BTW: I didn't ride at all yesterday, I just ate Tastee sandwiches all night and got fat. Tomorrow I'll weigh, if the scale doesn't break I'll let you know how it goes. But, my bigger gut and love handles are making my huge thighs look more proportionate.

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