Thursday, April 23, 2009

Extra energy from the Orient?

Last night we had carry out from the Rolling Wok at 48th & Van Dorn. I'm attributing this mornings fluke to that.

Commuted to work this morning. After hitting a couple of 'cross' lights where the trail crosses a street I looked at my speed about the time I was going by the zoo and was surprised to see how fast I was going. So I thought 'why not?' so just for fun, I pushed it. True, I rode hard, but, now I know how Moses must have felt. I hit most of the lights and everything just clicked with my legs and my bike. The city parted and I flew across it.

Sure, most cyclist could ride better in their sleep. But, I'm proud of myself, and that's what this blog is all about. Celebrating every cycling mile stone. Your first time without training wheels, your first mile, first time you hit 100 miles on your odometer, and on and on.

Well, today I opened up a can of whoop-up on my commute and beat my best time by 10 whole minutes! I'm generally not about being all athletic... But, hey, who doesn't like to tear it up now and then and really see what she'll do? It was fun. Albeit, exhausting, I couldn't speak in a complete sentence for a good 10 minutes after I got to work. But, dang it was fun!!!

Isn't it sort of a spiritual moment when all the stars align and everything just clicks? You don't feel like your fighting your bike, the street or traffic, but more like your just dancing with it. It's a beautiful thing!

Where were you from 6:14 to 6:51 this morning? Hope you were out having as much fun as I was.

This morning, College View to 56th & Superior via Billy Wolff and John Dietrich trails 10.27 miles 37 minutes. Whoo, hoo!

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