Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ride of Silence.

Rode to work this morning, afterward I rode to the starting point for the Ride of Silence.

The ride was a fitting way to pay homage to cyclists that have been hurt or killed in traffic accidents while riding.

23 cyclists braved the wind tonight to take part. It also served as an event to raise awareness and remind us, and motorist, that we all share the road and all need to be alert.

While we didn't visit on the ride, I talked with several friends from the Nacho Ride before and after. A shout out to Shane and Tracy, a couple of the coolest cats on two wheels. Looking forward to riding with them on the TDN. They are always so enthusiastic and encouraging.

It was also a treat to ride with Kent and Michelle, I appreciate the touring advice I've received and look forward to picking your brain more. It's great to rub elbows with experienced cyclists.

Once you make it known your a bike lover and start networking with like minded people your whole social circle just snowballs. I encourage you to seek out opportunities to ride together. It's uplifting to spend time with other cyclists that understand your struggles and can join you in celebrating your accomplishments.

After riding home from the Ride of Silence I had 34.71 total miles today.

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