Monday, April 13, 2009

The Jesus Bike. The Bianchi I never grew into.

Over a year ago I got it in my head that I needed a road bike. I found a old 70's era Schwinn Varsity on craigslist and bought it for a song. It looked cool, but after riding it a couple of miles I realized it was a tank. It seemed so heavy and I felt clumsy on it. So I promptly resold it and got my money back.

Awhile later I test rode a old Bianchi at Recycled on South St. I loved it. But, it was $225 and wasn't in the family budget. So, I did as any good christian cyclist would do, I prayed that God would give me a road bike. Funny how prayer works...

Some time later I got involved in a African Immigrant Ministry. The ministry was seeking donated used bikes and since we had new bikes we donated all of our old Wal-mart bikes to the African Immigrant Ministry.

The night I took the old bikes to the church we were headed home, and I was feeling pretty proud of our good deed... Then suddenly driving down 40th St. I see in my headlights what looks like a bike sitting by a dumpster on the curb. I quickly stop in the median, turn my flashers on and grab the bike.

I turn back toward the church to take them one more contribution, and then as if the lord himself spoke to me, I reconsidered and took it home to get a better look before donating my new find. Once I get home I can see in the lights of the garage that I in-fact have a vintage Bianchi! I know with certainty that Jesus himself had given me my dream road bike. I feel blessed and head inside to bed.

The next day I air up the tires and pull the weeds and vines out of the spokes. The tires hold air and I hop on. Its then that I realize that my gift from God is way too big. So I'm putting it up for sale and putting the proceeds away for when I someday cross paths with the right road bike. And that my friends is the story of my Jesus bike.

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