Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bike to work week - day 3.

How's it going for you? If this weeks wet weather has kept you off the bike, don't worry, you can start commuting anytime, or maybe at least give it a try on Friday the official 'Bike to Work' day.

It's kind of like the first time you do anything (if you know what I mean...) the first 5 or 10 times can be pretty clumsy, embarrassing, scary, painful, etc. etc.

But, once you've done it a few times (commute by bike) your confidence grows, you learn your route, you get a feel for your bike, traffic and your body, you get into a comfortable rhythm and are focused less on survival and more on the fun of the ride. So, don't quit if the first few times are less than fun.

Speaking of fun, this mornings ride was damp, I almost drove, but when Brad came on the tube and said the rain was almost over and that we were in for a very strong N. N.W. wind this afternoon I couldn't pass it up. (it'll push me home) The ride home should be fast, fun and effortless! Whoo! Hoo!

I didn't really get rained on, it was just a little misty and some drops falling off trees I rode under. There were some puddles to splash through. But, who doesn't like doing that?

Remember the first time you rode through a puddle? Did you hesitate? Plan your strategy? Slowly troll through along the edge or plow through the center sending a wave cascading to the heavens? I admit, I still make motor boat sounds when I go through puddles. I did skip the underpasses this morning though.

But, that's what cycling is for me - an ever changing adventure. If I'd have drove it wouldn't have been much of an adventure. The roar of my engine, Bob & Tom spewing nonsense into my brain. The smell of everyone else's exhaust mixed in with the musty smell of my pick-up cab. It smells like a 4 month old air freshener, fermented french fries lost under the seat, and stale old farts mixed with stagnate air.

You have no idea how good the lilacs smell right now along the trail, or every other blooming thing. And the food... oh the food... the ride home is enough to kill you if your hungry as you pass restaurants as they pump their heavenly exhaust out across the trails running behind their eateries.

Come on out, and join us on our 'adventures' every morning and afternoon. It'll soon become one of the highlights of your day!

To work & back = Today's miles: 20.42

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