Sunday, February 28, 2010

I 'heart' Trusty Rusty!

Have I mentioned how much I love my new rat-bike I've named Trusty Rusty that I found at Precision Skateboards? It's such a fun bike and I just think it's the coolest thing ever. I was dressed up yesterday and asked the wife to take a black and white of me and the new steed. I thought it turned out good and wanted to share it.

2010's first work commute, Pepe's lunch, & gravel on the way home.

With a high today of 34' it was a great day to get out on the bike after a rotten winter. I had some work to do at the office this morning so I rode the city trails across town for the years first work commute. The trails had icy spots and the underpasses had thick ice that'll be around for awhile.
After working I met up with some cycling friends at Pepe's for his 'biker special'. The food was great as we made plans for a summer full of riding bliss.
Once I left Pepe's I ran across the Tin Man and Scarecrow hanging out in the Havelock neighborhood of Lincoln. I asked the Tin Man if he'd like to grab his bike and join me for a ride... but, he didn't have the heart.
I headed East out of town and ran across some wildlife enjoying these balmy temps today too.

I worked my way South down some gravel roads before turning back tward home.

It was a great way to spend part of the weekend outdoors and get a few miles in. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we're going to be leaving winter behind us soon. Today's miles = 24.6 February's total miles = 93

Friday, February 26, 2010

February's Critical Mass

The last Friday of each month Critical Mass is celebrated around the world. In Lincoln we meet on the North side of the Capital at 6pm and ride at 6:30.

I took Trusty Rusty out for her maden spin and loved showing it off and riding the streets of downtown Lincoln with 21 other bike loving friends.

Today seemed balmy with a high of 36'. TR doesn't have an odometer and wont But I'm going to guess the ride there and back and cruising downtown 14 miles for the day's total mileage.

A new steed in the stable! Introducing "Trusty Rusty" my new 'rat bike'.

I've been hunting for a old bike with some character and charm for a long time, and recently found this beauty at Precision Skateboards on 48th & Van Dorn.

It's a single speed with a coaster brake and an old skip-tooth drive train said to date back to pre-WWII. Note the 'heart' shaped cut outs in the front cog. It utilizes an old Cleveland cruiser frame with a road bike's front fork, and drop bars.

It really handles great and is as fun to ride as it is to be seen on. Phil at Precision Skateboards built this bike and called it 'The Fixie Killer' but I'm naming it 'Trusty Rusty'. He's got several other vintage 2-wheelers, so stop by and take a look around. Old steel bike lovers will also want to check out Tyler's bikes at Re-Cycled on South St.

I've always wanted to have a fun vintage ride and couldn't be happier with Trusty Rusty.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I needed to Hustle.

Tonight was a simple Hustle, a small group of us met up for a seemingly easy race. I realized how terribly out of shape I've become over this long rotten winter. Sorry I didn't get any action shots of the event in progress, but I took advantage of any breaks to catch my breath rather than snap photos.

It was a lot of fun for the 8 of us, and came in at under 9 miles with just one stop between the start and end. Riding there and back brought my total for the day to 15.4 miles.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pepe's serves up great food specials for bikers on Sundays.

Pepe's Vegimex Bistro on Havelock Ave. is brimming with incredible dishes and over flowing with bikeculture. On Sundays Pepe gives patrons who ride to his restaurant anything off the menu for just $5.00! I rode through some snowy streets out there and ran into a handful of other Lincoln cyclist. Great food, friends & atmosphere.

NSFW decals have arrived.

You'll be able to pick one up along with details about the NSFW ride at Bike Pedalers, The Bike Rack, Cycle Works, Joyride and Pepe's Bistro.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The First Annual NSFW Lincoln Tour Ride. Wednesday April 21, 2010.

I'm hosting a GPBC ride and hope you'll join us for the first annual NSFW Lincoln tour ride.

Not Sorry (for) Forgetting Work

Put in now to take April 21st (rain date 4/28) off as a vacation day to celebrate spring on a casual ride around Lincoln with like minded friends. Spend the workday riding, while your co-workers toil away.

Meet at 9am ride ends at 2pm all on city trails. 40-50 miles. 12-14 mph average speed.

Ride starts and ends at the intersection of the Rock Island Trail and Billy Wolff Trail on the North Side of the Zoo at 27th & Capital Parkway.

No fee to ride, but bring lunch money, lunch will be at your choice of Havelock restaurants.

Several Lincoln Bike Shops will have free refreshments, giveaways, discounts and prizes for NSFW riders! The route will include stops at these shops giving riders a chance to refuel, visit, shop, register for prizes, and use bathrooms or have mechanics make adjustments.

Bike Pedalers: Free Cultiva Coffee & Espresso, Recovery/Energy drinks, Bike adjustments, drawings for a $50, $30, & $20 Bike Pedalers gift certificate & a drawing for Lunch at Pepe's. All entrants get a coupon via email for 15% off any item or bike.

Cycle Works: Free Tire lever & Patch kits for NSFW riders, light bike adjustments, bathrooms & water plus 20% off nonsale clothing and accessories.

The Bike Rack: Free Water bottles, Energy drinks, bathrooms & water plus discounts on merchandise to NSFW participants.

Joyride: Planet Earth water, Sobe Lifewater, Gatorade G2, Rockstar Energy Drinks plus 20% off coupons.

The NSFW Ride will be a fun chance to meet other cyclist, check out new bikes and biking gear, as well as a great way to get in some miles while everyone else is stuck at work. Ha, ha, ha!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A ride before the storm.

Early this morning a 1/2 dozen of us met up for a spin around the city. Snow will start falling this afternoon and continue the next couple of days, so it was good to get out before it hit. I got in 19.5 miles on the Felt this morning.
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