Monday, May 4, 2009

Bike has no wipers, so took the Chevy to work.

Things were pretty wet early this morning. But cleared up later and made for some cool looking clouds this evening. I took a great ride before supper.

I took the Billy Wolff to the Rock Island to the Tierra Williamsburg to the South Point then back.

Talked to a couple I found on the trails about tomorrow's big Nacho ride and found out their going on the Tour De Nebraska too. I'm getting really excited and can't wait. But I feel like I've got to get some serious miles in by then so I don't die out there.

Keep checking my blog, its encouraging to see the hits add up and keeps me motivated.

A couple of miles into tonight's ride I turned 2500 miles on my bike's odometer. That's 2000 miles during 2008 and 500 so far this year. Got in 18.24 miles this evening.

Hope to see you tomorrow on the Nacho Ride!

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