Saturday, May 9, 2009

Holmes Lake & Antelope Creek Trail

Went for one more quick ride today by Holmes Lake and down the Antelope Creek Trail to Fireworks.

By the way, I was deeply dissatisfied with that place when I went there last year around the 4th of July. Their selection was terrible! They didn't have anything I wanted, no sparklers, no black cats, no cherry bombs... But, I've got to say though, their food is outstanding! But, trust me, it's a lousy fireworks stand.

Anyway, back to my ride, on the way back I ran into seaman Brady and his glorious vessel. It was it's maden voyage under his ownership and he couldn't be prouder. His parents were beaming and happy to see him be able to take it out on the water since getting it for christmas.

Today was a new personal best for me so far during 2009, I logged 52.79 miles.

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