Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Need a clothes dryer for the office.

Had a wet ride into work this morning, and could see my breath at times. The underpasses had up to 6" of water over the trail in spots like the north end of the 27th St. underpass.

But really it wasn't that bad. Once you've rode in the rain you realize it's not a big deal. Just take it easy when you turn or break. Sure, you get wet, but it's nothing some dry clothes once your at work won't solve.

I set up a fan to dry my shoes, socks and gloves for the ride home. It worked well. And the ride home blessed me with an encouraging tail wind. It was a great ride home!

Tomorrow will be a big day! I can't wait. Today's miles = 20.43.

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  1. Glad to see that a little rain doesn't keep Mr. Outdoor addict off his bike!! I too ride in the rain, and carry my work clothes with me, so I can change when I get to work. I hadn't thought of using a fan to help my clothes dry off at work, but that's a good idea!!


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