Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Buffalo Hustle.

I rode to work and back today. And tonight was the Buffalo Hustle. We met at 7:30 at Van Dorn park and the race began at 8pm. There were 3 check points that could be done in any order, they were: The live buffalo in Pioneers Park, The Rock Island train crash site on the Jamaica North Trail and The stone drinking fountain on the east side of the zoo. The finish was at O'rourke's downtown. There were challenges at each checkpoint including a gunnysack race, hackysack and dressing up.

Quite a few of us began by going to Pioneers Park, from there Tim & I took Coddington to W. Denton Rd, then carried our bikes down the side of the overpass down to the Jamaica North Trail and went South on that to the crash site.

After that we went East across the tracks and onto the Rock Island Trail then North to the zoo and from there we hurried downtown for the finish. Everyone got prizes. Tim and I went through the 16.8 mile race together and I came in 10th out of 21, my average speed was 16.1mph. As always, it was a great race! Today's total miles = 45.2 And that puts September in the books with a total of 772.29 miles.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

CX practice at Van Dorn park.

I rode to work today. And this evening I rode with our boy to church then continued on to Van Dorn park to check out the cycle cross racers. Bike Pedalers paid for everyone to ride free tonight! How cool is that!?! They even had a bike mechanic on duty. Even if you don't race it's fun to go and watch, cheer on everyone, and visit with other cyclists. Today's miles = 22.1

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2010's last "official" Nacho Ride. The "unofficial" Nacho Ride starts next Tuesday. Yeah!

The Nacho Ride is listed with the GPBC and tonight's ride was the last one on the schedule this year. But that doesn't mean cyclists have any intentions of quitting. Make plans to Nacho Ride in the weeks to come.

I rode to work and back today. Counsel is still complaning about the wall of gnats that were out on the trail. Other than that, tonight's Nacho Ride was gorgeous! We made good time and Patches and I had time to kill before our curfew so we took the 84th Street Trail to the Antelope Creek Trail to extend the ride a bit before going home. I ended the day with 53.2 miles.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Stinkin' Lincoln's bike trail critters.

After work Ruby's rider and I took a spin down the Billy Wolff and Antelope Valley Trail to the old State Fair grounds. On the way back a skunk crossed the trail right in front of us near the 48th St underpass. In three years of biking around this city I've seen tons of wildlife, but this is my first close encounter with a skunk! Fortunately he was calm as we went by and didn't seem as worried about us as we were about him. Otherwise it was a nice evening for a spin and I parked the bike with 22.2 miles for the day.

Everyone is bike commuting.

Seems like everyone was out riding today. I had to drive to work this morning, but got to ride home and it sure beats being stuck in traffic. Make your work day more fun by biking your drive!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Flint Hills Nature Trail Ottawa East past Rantoul Kansas.

Rex told me to try the Flint Hills Nature Trail when I was looking for a place to ride the Austro-Diamler this morning.

I hit the trail at first light this morning and couldn't believe how sweet this old rail line turned multi-use path is! The trail is really wide with trees and wildflowers lining both sides. The sunrise was amazing and with cool temps and no wind it made this mornings ride one I'll always remember.

The trail runs into Rantoul featuring the Soft Rock Cafe open Friday nights 4-8, Saturday 7am-8pm and Sunday 7am-3pm. After Rantoul you'll see an airplane graveyard. Followed by a couple old road graders retired to the shelter belt along the path begging to be photographed. This section of the Flint Hills trail is a must see if you ever get into East Central Kansas! Click here to see the DirtBum's write-up on the same stretch. Today's miles = 23.64

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Preferential parking.

If there isn't a bike rack or handy spot to lock up when I'm out and about I often just open up the door and bring my bike right in. I'm careful not to bang up the wall or door, and not to put it in the way or knock anything down. But in all the times I've done it, no one has ever said anything to me about it. Just smile confidently and act like you do it all the time. Sure beats parking your coffin way out in the north 40 like everyone else. Biking is better in so many ways! Next time you need to run down the street, take your bike, it's the way to go for short trips saving you time, money and the planet. And above all, it's a lot more fun! Today's miles on the commute, errands and church = 24.6

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Austro-Daimler's first Nacho Ride.

I took my swap meet Austro-Daimler on this weeks Nacho Ride. The bike performed well, I'd like to switch out the brake levers for a set that are easier to pull, otherwise I'm loving the bike.

Most of the regulars were there along with plenty that aren't. It was nice to ride without stifling heat and we ate outside for the first time this month. I'm ready for the fall weather and can't wait to see the leaves turn on the Nacho Ride in the weeks to come.

Today's miles including the work commute and Nacho Ride = 48.45

Bike to work.

Days like today I love my commute! The weather was perfect (I was at the office when our mid-day showers came through) and it sure beat sitting stuck in my coffin in traffic. Give it a try for a week or two and you'll be hooked.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Scaling some tough Nebraska mountains this afternoon.

Nebraska weather is crazier than hell and sometimes makes biking tough. This weekend was bitter and damp for this time of year. Today it was hot at over 90'F. And on the way home from work there was one of the strongest head winds I've ever rode in with guests in excess of 40mph!

Local cycling legend Tim called today's head wind "Nebraska Mountains" and after battling it all the way home I found that title fitting.

Today's work commute was a slow and painful 20.0 miles.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fox-Hole 100 Fall Edition Day 2

We left Patches' family's motor-home this morning and rode to the Fox Hole Tavern for breakfast. It was misty and 51'F. It didn't warm up during the entire ride back, we turned into the wind and headed for Crete.

There we stopped at DQ and after a blizzard I was ready for the final leg into Lincoln. We stayed on highways to Roca, then took the Homestead back into town. It's been a fun 3-day weekend on bikes and I got home today with 44.4 miles for today.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fox-Hole 100 Fall Edition Day 1

Patches and I met up at 8:30 this morning and turned toward downtown for the start of the Fall Fox Hole 100 2-day ride from Lincoln to the Fox Hole Tavern in Wilbur.

We began with breakfast at Bread And Cup then went South on the Salt Creek Levy Trail to the Jamaica North Trail then the Homestead trail to Cortland. We had lunch in Cortland then took gravel to Clatonia. Took another break and went West into Wilbur.

I got the flat today. We avoided the rain that was forecasted for today and lucked out with a good tailwind. It was pretty cool and the group was small. But we had a great ride and were treated to supper and goodies from the Fox Hole Tavern. We'll head back tomorrow. Today's miles = 49.5

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