Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chalk up this advertising idea to the ladies of the night.

There was another "ad" but it was too explicit to show on this site. I saw this chalked on the trail in a seedy neighborhood.

50 some degrees on the way to work, in the 70s on the way home. Can you believe it's July? Great riding weather!

Today's miles = 19.82

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Don't think this is what mom meant...

... When she said, "take your helmet if your going for a bike ride!"

Yes, it needs to be on in order to protect your knoggin.

Rode to work and back and avoided the small shower Lincoln got this afternoon. Today's miles = 19.75

Join the Cycle passed through Nebraska.

Check out their blog here and their site here. Some very cool stuff!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's Nacho Ride... It's MY Ride!

That is the wording off the new Nacho Ride shirts that were available tonight at the OED. The shirts are only $8 and were selling like hot cakes.

We had excellent weather and there was a great crowd tonight. The food was fast and the extra staff took good care of us. Note the new bar set up out in the beer garden.

The Nacho Ride is always so much fun. Join us next week for another Mopac trail adventure.

I rode to work and home, then to the trail head and on the Nacho Ride, then back home. Today I got in 48.20 miles.

Attn: Cyclist! Biking fashon evolves again! The train is leaving the station! Get on board! Whoot! Whoot!

Cycling clothes have evolved through the ages, and it's time again to clean out your closet and get yourself a new wardrobe!

From the dashing gentleman on his Penney-farthing.

To this sporting young chap on his 50s cruiser.

To the crowd favorite bikini hippie chick.

Things began to decline a few decades ago with the advent of the wife beater tank, sweat bands and shorty short shorts.

Until finally our senses did an endo and we put on lycra with no regard to how we looked in it!

Well, now the time has come for cyclists to look as cool as we are!!! Join me tonight on the weekly Nacho Ride for the inaugural "T-shirt ride", tonight is the night we will be able to pick up the newly woven Nacho Ride t-shirts!

I realize that you've tried to tell your friends and family how cool you are to no avail. Well, now there will be no mistaking who the coolest and best cyclists are! Come out tonight on the Nacho Ride and pick up your new official Nacho Ride t-shirt. Not available in stores. Comes in a variety of sizes and you can get it in your favorite color, as long as your favorite color is white.

We're going to have a great time tonight on the Nacho Ride! Come on out and join us. To find out more click here for the official Nacho Ride site, or click here for past Nacho Ride blogs on the NOA site.

I am going on record as NOT endorsing the suggestion that riders begin the ride, top-less and buy their Nacho Ride shirts to wear home. As this is a family site, the NOA is officially discouraging top-less cycling.

>Above disclaimer has been approved by NOA's wife and is hereby duly noted and endorsed.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bikes slaughtered on Lincoln trails! Oh! The humanity!!!

Good day, I'm NOA, reporting live from the John Dietrich Trail in Lincoln Nebraska.

The following report may be disturbing to sensitive audiences.

Now, with the women and children out of the room, we bring you the latest disturbing news from the John Dietrich Trail. The aftermath of these disgusting crimes was witnessed by NOA President and CEO, yours truly.

These explicit photos are only being shown to illustrate the magnitude of the horrific acts committed on our public trails. I personally can testify that the blue BSO had been chained up to the same trail-side shelter throughout this last week, obviously abandoned, but it wasn't until today that I saw the front wheel had been stolen.

I'm not making racial slurs when I use the N-word. I'll be the first to tell you that in this day and age no one should treat one bike with any less dignity or respect than another just because its a 'Next'.

The cycling community should be outraged at this kind of violence against bikes! The abuse inflicted on the Mongoose is unspeakable. The thrashed derailleur and mutilated saddle are unmistakable proof that individuals are on the loose, set out to clear the trails of discount store bikes.

Now, more than ever, we need to come together as a community to set an example to the culprits of these awful acts! We should all agree that regardless of where a bike comes from, be it a good, respectable LBS or a big-box store, they all deserve the same love and respect we would give to our own much loved bikes.

Sure, we all know that no true cyclist would commit such abuse and neglect. And that these acts were surely by the hand of criminals who have no respect for bicycles that deserve to be loved and cared for.

Lincoln prides itself on it's diversity, and we need to embrace all bikes and realize that bike love must... now, more than ever, cross lines and we must show by example that all bikes are safe from abuse and neglect on our streets and paths.

Lets band together to fight against those who steal and loot. And draw attention to those bikes that can not speak for themselves. Our fair city needs to be known as a place that bikes from all around the world can come to. They need to know that they'll be loved, cared for and have the same rights and privileges bestowed upon them as the bikes that first blazed our trails many years ago.

I beg of you, do not turn a blind eye to these hate crimes any longer! When you witness a bike being stealthily removed off a porch or snuck out of a garage or lifted out of an unassuming front yard or neighborhood bike rack, report the crime to the authorities and lets put an end to this abuse right now!

Live from the John Dietrich Trail in Lincoln, I'm the NOA. Now, back to you...

Today's commute to work and back = 19.94 miles.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fun Sunday morning spin.

After about 11 hours of sleep I woke up feeling great, and naturally thought to go for a little ride. You'd think I'd be "exhausted".

I paused on the corner if 56th and Van Dorn to cheer on Cornhusker State Games athletes as they flew by on their bikes in this mornings triathlon.

Then took the Billy Wolff to the Rock Island then on the South Point Loop. The air was still and the trail was pretty quiet. Back at the bandshell in Antelope Park band members were setting up and getting things tuned. Don't forget to be back there tonight for the Lincoln Municipal Band concert and car show all free of charge.

This mornings spin took under 90 minutes and racked up 17.24 miles. What fun!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Century Tour for 2009 Cornhusker State Games

The Cornhusker State Games Bicycle Tour had it's century riders meeting at 6:30 and we got started at 6:45. Riders could also ride 25 or 50 mile distances. I heard something like 110 cyclists total with 37 in the century, but I don't know if I've got that right. The ride began in Elkhorn, went west, then north, then east into Herman, we then went south into Blair, then North into Tekamah, before turning back to Herman and back to Elkhorn the way we came. Click here for the map.

I was happy to get started, hours later... maybe not so much, but 1st thing in the morning, I was stoked!

A couple of other Lincoln cyclists slowed down and let me ride with them the whole day. The three of us have rode together on the Nacho Ride, TDN, Ride of Silence and he and I rode in Seward on the 4th. Ever notice how much faster and better you ride when your with others than you do alone? I couldn't have completed the ride without their encouragement. We always have fun together, and the century was no exception! At our first SAG stop we checked out the 'rest rooms' (corn field) and hamed it up for a "bikers of the corn" picture. The Bike Rack, Tour Director Jim Carveth, many volunteers, and CSG staff did a great job organizing and putting on the Tour!

Riding with those "cycling animals" from Lincoln was tough, but to try to fit in, and show my mite, I executed my best "Ggggrrrrr!" for the camera as a show of my strength and stamina.

As usual, they dusted me, he would usually do it without even pedaling! They even look fast in pictures!

The chance to visit and build friendships with like minded people that understand your struggles and appreciate your accomplishments is one of my favorite aspects of cycling.

Once in awhile they'd even use their brakes and let me pull ahead to stroke my ego and for a good photo opp. Look at them tear up the road between Blair and Tekamah!

This cemetery was conveniently located adjacent to the tour route for anyone attempting a century. Ha! Really, the weather was pretty good. We drank a lot, but the heat wasn't terrible, we had to push through some pretty good wind toward the middle of the ride, but had it push us through the last 30 miles, and that was a blessing, because the end of the long ride is the hardest part.

The road is marked so cyclists know where to turn. This was our turnaround point in Tekamah at about mile 60 (?) she and I couldn't pass up the opportunity for a pic to celebrate the moment, and more importantly, to celebrate our chance to turn out of the wind and have it push us.

On every big ride some door knob has to get a flat... today... yea, it was me.

But hey, I did get a job offer out of the deal! The guys from the Bike Rack were so impressed with how fast I changed out the tube, they offered me a job back at the shop. Hmm, bikes + pay, don't temp me, I'm a weak man!

Signs lined the road with everything from sweet corn to puppies.

But this took the cake! Here was a rooster and hen carved out of bushes in the front yard of a home in Elk City. What a hoot!

Proof! 100 miles on the trip setting on the odometer just before arriving back in Elkhorn.

The three of us rolled into Elkhorn around 3:30 together after a long exhausting day of fun on two wheels. I believe it was his first century, and the first one she'd done in many, many years and her first ever on a road bike. This was my first century on an organized ride. I want to thank her for the pics and thank them both for making this epic ride so fun!

Today's miles 100.95 Whew!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Cool Cars and Hot Music Sunday 7pm Antelope Park

Lincoln Municipal Band Concert near the Billy Wolff and Rock Island trails. (I hear you can drive a car there too if you want, but who would?)

Cool Cars and Hot Music - Classic cars on display. Conductor: Terry Rush Soloist: Jana Holzmeier, Vocalist.

All concerts are free and open to the public. Lincoln's finest professional musicians perform concerts in the park. Come early and enjoy the beautiful summer evenings, the playground and the veterans memorial garden. Bring your blankets, lawn chairs, and a picnic dinner, and listen to wonderful music in the park with family and friends.

Grand Opening Celebration Tonight at Bike Pedalers

I know you've been you've been wanting to buy your favorite blogger a new whip, well, here is your chance to get it at a deep discount and have some fun at the new Bike Pedalers South location.

5 - 11 pm

It's their grand opening sale and party. Their closing the doors at 5 P.M. to celebrate the Grand Opening of the south location at 1631 Pine Lake Road. They will have food as well as many give-aways. And there's FREE BEER (provided you're of legal age). ALL BIKES 20% OFF! ALL ACCESSORIES 25% OFF!

The Fab-tones play tonight free at Friday Nights Live.

At the South Point Mall tonight the Fab-tones will play a free show. Ride your bike on the South Point Trail and enjoy the music.

The Fabtones is one of the midwest's top bands, playing a wide variety of concert, club and party dates. Their musical versatility makes them a hit on any occasion. The Fabtones feature some of the area's best vocalists and their arrangements include great vocal harmonies. The Fabtones are experienced professionals who want you to enjoy listening and dancing to their songs as much as they enjoy playing them.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

NOA's 1st Taco Ride Council Bluffs - Mineola Ia.

Today I had a meeting in Omaha I had to drive to, so when it was over, I headed over to Council Bluffs to check out the Taco Ride. I'd read about the Taco Ride on their site and other blogs, and knew Lincoln's Nacho Ride was fashioned after it and wanted to see if it lived up to all the hype.

I wasn't disappointed! There were hundreds and hundreds of riders. A trail pass is $1 for a day or $10 for a annual pass, you can pay at the trail head just south of Hwy 275 & Hwy 92 or there was someone on the trail taking money too.

County Sheriffs were on bikes and a utility vehicle, the only contact I had with them were big smiles and friendly waves.

Here is the infamous "Margaritaville". A place to stop and visit and have a drink a little over 1/2 way to Mineola.

The trail has a canopy of trees over most of it keeping the trail cool and shady and stopping the wind, when there is a break in the trees your often greeted with scenic valleys and agland.

Signs, reminding riders of upcoming events on the trail.

There was single track beside the trail, in case anyone on a MTB wanted to get off the beaten path and tear it up a bit.

Some bikes had music for everyone to enjoy, but this one took the cake!

Some scenes from downtown Mineola Ia.

Bikes are EVERYWHERE! I love it!

The Mineola Steakhouse is 10 miles down the trail from the trailhead. The tacos were great, I was happy to see they had both hard & soft shell. Everyone was so friendly. I sat with a couple of guys who ride every week. They said today's crowd was typical, and told about a Thursday night around the 4th of July when the crowd was estimated to be near 2,000 riders!

We sat out in the beer garden and enjoyed the great weather, by the time I was ready to leave the seats in the beer garden were all taken and it was standing room only, here you see one of the Mineola Steakhouse staff announcing over the speakers that all seating inside is taken and they were taking names on a list for those who wanted to wait for inside (air-conditioned) seats. This was about 7 pm.

I took some time to ride on a paved trail on the outskirts of C.B. toward Lake Manawa before Taco Riding.

I started the Taco Ride at 5:00, rode an hour there, ate and visited for an hour, then an hour back. The trail had a lot of bikes, but was by no means crowded, intimidating or dangerous.

The trailhead parking was full when I got back at 8:00. It was a fun, easy ride. And it really is all that and a bag of chips! I encourage you to try the Taco Ride some Thursday evening. I know I'll be back.

With riding around a little before starting, and the Taco Ride, I racked up 24.81 miles today.

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