Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Attn: Cyclist! Biking fashon evolves again! The train is leaving the station! Get on board! Whoot! Whoot!

Cycling clothes have evolved through the ages, and it's time again to clean out your closet and get yourself a new wardrobe!

From the dashing gentleman on his Penney-farthing.

To this sporting young chap on his 50s cruiser.

To the crowd favorite bikini hippie chick.

Things began to decline a few decades ago with the advent of the wife beater tank, sweat bands and shorty short shorts.

Until finally our senses did an endo and we put on lycra with no regard to how we looked in it!

Well, now the time has come for cyclists to look as cool as we are!!! Join me tonight on the weekly Nacho Ride for the inaugural "T-shirt ride", tonight is the night we will be able to pick up the newly woven Nacho Ride t-shirts!

I realize that you've tried to tell your friends and family how cool you are to no avail. Well, now there will be no mistaking who the coolest and best cyclists are! Come out tonight on the Nacho Ride and pick up your new official Nacho Ride t-shirt. Not available in stores. Comes in a variety of sizes and you can get it in your favorite color, as long as your favorite color is white.

We're going to have a great time tonight on the Nacho Ride! Come on out and join us. To find out more click here for the official Nacho Ride site, or click here for past Nacho Ride blogs on the NOA site.

I am going on record as NOT endorsing the suggestion that riders begin the ride, top-less and buy their Nacho Ride shirts to wear home. As this is a family site, the NOA is officially discouraging top-less cycling.

>Above disclaimer has been approved by NOA's wife and is hereby duly noted and endorsed.

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  1. I have a new recruit! A fellow co-worker is coming out tonight. And I might be bringing my son. So two new recruits! Woot!


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