Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nacho Ride Tonight *yea!*

On the third day the Lord created the bicycle, and all it's components, the trails, single track, and highway shoulders. Also, bike accessories, bike shops, and lycra to make cyclists look like the super heroes they are. God removed the bad attitude, stress and sluggish feelings from man and replaced them with endorphins that shall forever be know as "a bike high".

And then the Lord sent down a command for all of mankind forever more. And the command he saith is: The third day is the day bikes shall be honored, and blessings shall be bestowed by me to cyclists, you are to cycle to the One Eye'd Dog Saloon in Eagle Ne. and are to eatith Nachos and 75 cent tacos every Tuesday. Good times shall be had by all of my children. And I your Lord shall be pleased.

Any man who disobeys this command shall grow to be fat and hateful and shall not spend eternity cycling the heavens. He shall be thrown into the depths of hell to sit in a 4-wheeled cage at a eternal red light choking on the exhaust of other sinners. This is the word of the Lord.

Now, may his grace shine upon you, may the Lord bless you, and keep you And give you peace.

That's right brothers and sisters, today is Bike Sabbath and we must honor the Father by doing the Nacho Ride.

For Nacho Ride virgins your in for a treat. The Nacho Ride is a fun, easy weekly ride down the Mopac trail from the trail head on 84th St. just South of O St. We ride east to Eagle to eat and visit at the One Eye'd Dog Saloon. There is no fee to ride. You don't need to be in any club or group and this is a perfect ride for new cyclists or those who haven't been riding much lately. It's very slow and casual and everyone is just allot of fun. All you do is show up and ride. It's 10 miles there and 10 back. Takes most an hour each way. It's a fun way to spend the evening. The first riders leave the Novartis Trailhead at 5:30, but people continue to come as they get off work, so you'll find cyclists on the trail coming and going all evening. Join us, you'll love the Nacho Ride.

Click here to read about past Nacho Rides on my blog. Or click here to find out more on the official Nacho Ride site.

In further news, it sounds like things are really coming together on the designs of the Nacho Ride t-shirts. (the above picture is not one, come to the Nacho Ride to see actual designs) I'm hearing that Phil's wife Mary has done some great work and that Nacho Riders may be asked to vote on one of three designs. The shirts should be available for purchase at the OED before long.

And finally, don't forget that each week the OED is giving away a $25 gift certificate to a LBS in a free drawing for Nacho Riders. So be sure to fill out a raffle ticket. And make the Nacho Ride a regular part of each week. See you there tonight, and bring a friend!


  1. Is there a nice place to stop about half way if you want to do Margaritas?

  2. Place? Who needs a place? Isn't that what everyone fills their water bottles and camelpaks with? But, to answer your question, there are nice shady rest areas all along the path with benches. BYODU (Bring Your Own Drink Umbrella)


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