Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hunter Education class ends successfully.

Guest speaker, Nebraska Game and Parks Officer Murray Johnson shares experiences and advice with students.

Congratulations. Good luck and best wishes to all the graduates.

Practice the skills you've learned on both the range and in the field.

They are an outstanding group of outdoors men and women. And will be a valuable addition to the sport.

I couldn't be prouder of the individuals that took this weeks class.

Two kids drinking buck naked in the park!

Spotted these parched nude juveniles in the park on the commute home today.

Had a wind out of the North helping me along as the sun came and went from behind the clouds.

Admittedly the commute seems shorter after a day out of the saddle. It was a great ride home.

Still a lot of daylight left. Get out and have some fun. Today's miles = 21.52.

"Get a bicycle. You will not regret it, if you live." ~ Mark Twain

Read Mark Twain's essay: Taming the Bicycle

Lincoln's Marathon is Sunday

The Lincoln National Guard Marathon and Half-Marathon is run on a citywide course that starts and finishes on the campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Runners in both races share a common start and run a loop route past the Nebraska State Capitol, along Sheridan Boulevard, past Union College, along the Highway 2 bike path, past the Lincoln County-City Building and back to the Half-Marathon finish on the UNL Campus. Marathoners then follow an out-and-back route to Holmes Park passing the Sunken Gardens, Folsom Children's Zoo and Antelope Park.

Haymarket Farmers Market Starts this Saturday 8 - Noon.

Bike on down and check out the Farmer's Market Saturdays 8 to Noon May-October The Haymarket lives up to its name each Saturday morning as farm fresh produce, flowers, baked goods, and handmade items from over 100 vendors are sold on the streets and sidewalks.

Free Bird Banding Demonstrations Saturday 9am to Noon Pioneers Park Nature Center


9 a.m. - Noon Bird Banding Station - Free. Take this opportunity to see birds up close! Join a licensed bird bander to watch the banding process and to learn about this nation-wide research project. In case of rain or excessive heat, banding will be cancelled.

Bring the bikes or ride there, for some excellent bike riding at Pioneers Park when your through.

Always lots of fun at Lincoln's Parks. Check it out here or here.

Damp ride this morning.

Had to break easy and turn slow to avoid falling on the wet trails. I was thinking that replacing The Sower on the Capitol with a light house beacon might be helpful on foggy mornings.

But other than that, there was no wind and I felt great.

Last night my palate lost its innocence to the locally known Tastee.

Photo lifted from Maggie, a talented local photographer.

I think the grease from the 3 sandwiches I ate lubed up my joints and helped this mornings ride go so smoothly.

Cyclist: replace your power bars and goo packs with a Tastee sandwich and you'll be fine.

BTW: I didn't ride at all yesterday, I just ate Tastee sandwiches all night and got fat. Tomorrow I'll weigh, if the scale doesn't break I'll let you know how it goes. But, my bigger gut and love handles are making my huge thighs look more proportionate.

Call it the H1-N1 virus.

Picture lifted from fermata.daily.

Calling it the 'swine flu' has caused pork prices to unnecessary drop sharply. Consuming pork is safe.

I have the deepest respect and admiration for pork producers and I join them in encouraging you to call this new flu strain the H1-N1 virus.

I am going on the record saying that, "you should not read my swine flu post from yesterday" it was wrote back when the media was mistakenly calling the H1-N1 virus the 'swine flu' and I didn't know better.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Call Svone on the phone and tell him to come clean up his mess.

Yesterday I discovered this in the 48th St. & Billy Wolff underpass. Some people seriously need to take up a new hobby.

Swine flu is in the news.

Possibly profiling, but please, I'm prewarning people, perhaps when passing pork as you piddle or pedal on pedestrian paths you should protect your person properly by all precautionary and preventative procedures or purchase protective products to postpone or prevent the pig puking prognosis. Read more about the swine flu on

"Drizzle" and then some.

Their calling it 'drizzle' but everything is sopping wet and it's still coming down. It's time to go to work. So, the Fair Weather Cyclist drives (the pick-up) again. Maybe I can take a spin this afternoon. I'm bummed. Here are some bike jokes to cheer us up while we wait for the sun.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Debris on trail. Ride carefully, so you don't fall on your grass.

Had a gentle headwind on the ride home, and a few drops of rain found me on the John Dietrich Trail. But all in all it was a fun easy ride back. Hope you found time for some fun outdoors today. Today's miles = 20.48

Nacho Ride Tonight (for practice) Official Kick-Off just 7 days away!

Click here to print off your own announcement suitable for posting or framing.

Loyal readers of my blog know I've been Nacho Riding all month. (click here to read about it) But due to my Hunter Education class tonight I won't be going. I hope you will though, it's a awesome ride.

People do it year round, but it officially starts next week. Go tonight if you can, and be sure to make plans to go next week. I'll be there at 5:30. Lets make it a big crowd!

Here is the official press release:

Nacho Ride First Anniversary

The Nacho Ride is celebrating its’ first anniversary this Tuesday, May 5th.It is a 20-mile bike ride to Eagle on the MoPac Trail. It was started last May by Phil Wolfe and is a weekly ride on Tuesday’s starting at 5:30 PM (or when you can begin)

The group start is at the MoPac Trail Head south of 84th & O Streets. The ride grew in popularity and by the end of the season they had 50 participants on the ride. The ride now sponsors a website at:

While in Eagle, bikers stop at the One-Eyed Dog Saloon for some food,beverage, and camaraderie. Total distance is 20 miles. Ride at your own pace.The Nacho Ride will be every Tuesday night @5:30.Hope to see you there.

"You shoot like a girl" is quite a compliment!

Check out Kelly Audet's story on

Bike month is just days away. Plan an event for your company or organization.

Since 1956, May has been recognized as National Bike Month. The third week in May is designated Bike to Work Week; and the third Friday of May is Bike to Work Day.
Check out the Bike League site to find out how easy it is to put on your own event.

31'F. Commute to work this morning.

Turned over 2400 miles on my odometer shortly after leaving home. That's 2000 from 2008 and 400 so far this year.

A little frost on the grass in the park. The cold didn't bother the zoo animals though.

I know the economy is bad, but if you've lost your shirt, I found it. It's laying on the bike path near 27th & Fair St. (maybe it belongs to the couple from G.I.)

No wind. Wore jeans for the first time on my commute. Jeans worked surprisingly well. Went slow and easy. Very comfortable except a cold nose and ears. If everyone rode bikes and wore plenty of warm clothes they wouldn't get into trouble like this. If you weren't out you missed a killer sunrise this morning!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ride to work & back.

Had a nice ride into work this morning, wind from the North was in my face toward the end, but it should push me back nicely. Now I'm just hoping it stops raining so it'll be a dry ride home.

Also Bike to work week is coming up May 10th - 15th and bike to work day is May 15th. Here's your chance to stop living vicariously through my blog and get out and ride for yourself. So, dust off your steed, take some work clothes to the office ahead of time, and make plans to give it a try.

I'll post some links later or you can google 'bike commute' or 'bike to work' to find out more about how to prepare. I've heard it's like learning to smoke, "The first few times you try it are pretty rough, but once you get the hang of it you can't stop." So try it for a week (commuting, not smoking) and give it a fair chance. You might be surprised about all the fun your missing out on.

Update: Took 84th St. trail home. It was high and dry with a stiff cool breeze at my back.

Today's miles: 20.61

My, what big thighs you have!

That is what my darling wife more or less said when she saw me getting ready for church this weekend. As she looked at me with the innocence of Little Red Riding Hood. I quickly hid them in my church pants and scowled at her thinking "if only her rear was big, I'd know just what to say to that!" as it is though, she's just a pint sized thing.

Are big thighs hunky? I didn't know. Was this a compliment or was she being critical? Last week I rode something like 110 miles in 5 days and what do I get? Big thighs. Great... I was hoping for big biceps or 6-pack abs, or better yet a tan or hair, but no, I just get big thighs. So here I am, pale, pasty, flabby and bald with a ripped pair of awesome thighs. Whoopty!

I don't bike ride for my health, if you know me, you know that I'll eat anything and couldn't care less about taking care of my body. I'm surprised I've made it this long. But now that I'm done with hibernating all this winter in traffic, and back on the bike, I've noticed a couple of things. Besides having hunky, ripped (albeit, pasty, hairy and scared from bike wrecks) thighs. I can't seem to stop eating. And drinking... oh my gosh, I'm like a fish. When I'm not riding I literally NEVER drink water. I wake up first thing each morning and stumble to the fridge and get a Mountain Dew and continue drinking them till right before bed. I have a handful of glasses of milk and orange juice throughout the week, but otherwise pop is all I drink. Never, never bland boring old water. But, when I'm riding I can't get enough. I drink a water bottle every hour or so while on the bike, and continue to drink glasses and glasses more for hours after the ride.

What about all the weight you've lost since starting to ride again, you ask? Thanks for bringing that up. Jerk. I gained 2 pounds last week. Oink, oink. I better stop bike riding so I can lose weight.

So here is my philosophy on bike riding: "Ride for fun, and to heck with the planet or your health. If your riding for any reason besides the pure unadulterated childlike rush of balancing yourself on two skinny wheels at high speeds, then you're probably not going to stick with it for long anyway." But, if you love to ride, then join me and my huge thighs out on the trails.


Thunder Thighs

South Point Mall - Ultimate Safe Kids Day Is Sunday, May 3

It's free! Take the whole family on the South Point Trail to activities & demonstrations that might save your child. Ultimate Safe Kids Day Sunday, May 3, 1-4 p.m. In front of SouthPointe Cinema, enjoy an afternoon of demonstrations and activities including: Fire Safety House, Jaws of Life extrication, Bike cop demonstration, Pound Middle School Bands (2 p.m.), $12 bike helmets provided by Scheels, McDonalds® Recall Roundup: Receive $10 cash for recalled child safety items; click here for recall list.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

Picked up some blown-up gun barrels from G.I. Loan for Hunters Ed

Special thanks to Grand Island Loan & Pawn for the use of their blown-up firearms. Its one thing to explain to students how a firearm accident can happen, it's alltogther another to show them the results. Thanks to these teaching aids, students are able to visualize what happens when firearms are misshandled.

Our 11 yr old had author of Sharpie - Diane Bartles speak at school today.

Took the morning off work so I could go to his school to see her speak, she gave a fascinating presentation on the life of Nebraska's Pioneer Aviatrix Evelyn Sharp.

Cortland & back. What a difference wind makes!

Took the morning off work. But had time for a early ride to Cortland.

Started at the Jamaica North trail head off Satalo Rd. between 14th & 27th at 6:30. Saw a ton of wildlife including squirles, cotton tails, turkeys, deer, a coon and an owl perched on a branch right beside the trail.

The wind out of the South was unbelievable on the way there. I struggled to keep it between 10 & 11 mph!

Once there I had to settle for a Snickers and a Mountain Dew from Ampride since Leanne's is closed for remodeling. Did you know that a Snickers has more nutrition than an apple? It's true! Paul Harvey said so, so you know you can take that bit of dieting knowledge to the bank. Paul is never wrong.

On the way back I flew with the wind at an average of 18 mph the entire 15 miles back. It's a great crushed limestone trail called the Homestead Trail that picks up where the Jamaica North trail leaves off on the South West corner of Lincoln.

It took me 1 hour 32 min. To get to Cortland and 50 minutes to get back. Total round trip = exactly 30 miles.

(as Paul would say) "Good day".

Yesterdays commute home was uneventfull.

The oriental food had wore off. 10.26 miles 56 minutes.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Extra energy from the Orient?

Last night we had carry out from the Rolling Wok at 48th & Van Dorn. I'm attributing this mornings fluke to that.

Commuted to work this morning. After hitting a couple of 'cross' lights where the trail crosses a street I looked at my speed about the time I was going by the zoo and was surprised to see how fast I was going. So I thought 'why not?' so just for fun, I pushed it. True, I rode hard, but, now I know how Moses must have felt. I hit most of the lights and everything just clicked with my legs and my bike. The city parted and I flew across it.

Sure, most cyclist could ride better in their sleep. But, I'm proud of myself, and that's what this blog is all about. Celebrating every cycling mile stone. Your first time without training wheels, your first mile, first time you hit 100 miles on your odometer, and on and on.

Well, today I opened up a can of whoop-up on my commute and beat my best time by 10 whole minutes! I'm generally not about being all athletic... But, hey, who doesn't like to tear it up now and then and really see what she'll do? It was fun. Albeit, exhausting, I couldn't speak in a complete sentence for a good 10 minutes after I got to work. But, dang it was fun!!!

Isn't it sort of a spiritual moment when all the stars align and everything just clicks? You don't feel like your fighting your bike, the street or traffic, but more like your just dancing with it. It's a beautiful thing!

Where were you from 6:14 to 6:51 this morning? Hope you were out having as much fun as I was.

This morning, College View to 56th & Superior via Billy Wolff and John Dietrich trails 10.27 miles 37 minutes. Whoo, hoo!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Commute - I love it!

Today I rode to work and back via downtown. Saw the train chugging by at the zoo. I always wave, the kids wave back, it's fun to be a part of the atmosphere of the city. Speaking of atmosphere how about the unicyclist I found out riding today? I'm humbled. And I thought to include some cool historic architecture to urge you out from behind the computer and onto the trails.

If your not on two wheels today your missing out What do I have to do? Should I come knock on your door and ask your mommy if you can come out and play? You've got at least a couple of hours before supper, don't waste it, get out and make some memories! Today's miles = 20.76

May 16th Fort Kearney State Park Game and Parks Commission to Host Expo

Mark your callendar now to take the family to the Outdoor Expo - it's free.
The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will host Nebraska Outdoors: Expo 2009 on May 14-16 at Fort Kearny State Recreation Area located on Highway L50A south of Kearney. More than 7,500 individuals attended last year's Expo. This will be our first year in a new outdoor location, and we think the move to the Fort Kearny location will significantly enhance this FREE, family-oriented event. With eight lakes, camping areas and plenty of room for outdoor activities and demonstrations, we hope to continue our mission to encourage use and understanding of Nebraska's outdoors.
A wide variety of activities and exhibits are provided for participants to experience hands-on. Outdoor information and skills will be presented by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission staff as well as Cabela's and participating outdoor interest groups. The activity experiences differentiate the Expo from many sport shows.
The Expo is a free, family-oriented event.Highlights of the 2009 event include: An outdoor classroom for 4-6th grade on May 14 and 15. More than 2,600 students attended these classroom days in 2008; we anticipate this "outdoor classroom" will again be a popular educational event for schools within a 200-mile radius of the Kearney area. A public day from 9 am - 6 pm on Saturday, May 16. Featuring hands-on activities, presenters and a variety of exhibitors, this event attracted thousands of visitors of all ages from around the area last year.
Additional "on the water" experiences for those interested in kayaking, canoeing and fishing. A special kick-off even for Nebraska's 2009 Great Park Pursuit outdoor adventure program.
The Expo is for all skill levels. There is something for everyone, with 45 activities going on throughout the Expo. You can get acquainted with outdoor pursuits you've wanted to get into or pick up information that complements your present interests. You can hone safety shooting skills, see fish sampling equipment work or learn how to attract birds to a backyard feeder. Some activities will focus on specific skills such as canoeing or campfire cooking. Other sessions will add to your knowledge base of the outdoors as in wildlife management or Nebraska's raptors.
Twelve general activity areas are included in the Expo: Archery; Boating; Camping and Park Experiences; Dog Training; Fishing; Fish and wildlife management; Hunting; Law Enforcement; Natural World Encounters; Shooting; Trapping; Wildlife viewing and birding.

Spring Creek Prarie Free Open House Sun 1-5

Spring Open HouseSunday, April 26 1:00-5:00 p.m. Free Admission.

After all the events have taken place celebrating Earth Day on April 22, come to Spring Creek Prairie and wind down with an easy, relaxing stroll along the trails. See the first wildflowers of the spring and listen for the songs of migrating birds. Turtles and frogs should be making appearances from under the water. Light refreshments will be served in the building.

There is no charge and no reservations are required. Just bring your family and friends, or enjoy a quiet walk alone, and welcome spring on the prairie.

Tractor Museum Free Open House Saturday

Tractor Museum Open House Parade of tractors around the Nebraska Test Track. Display of tractors old and new. Demonstrations - How do I start this thing? Small engines too. Cost:Free Time:10 a.m.-2 p.m. Date:4/25/09 Telephone:(402) 440-2228 Website: Location:Lester F. Larsen Tractor Test and Power Museum

Feeling dirty? How about a Spring Affair this Saturday!

The 23rd Annual Spring Affair will feature plants, programs and demonstrations to help you learn about updating your garden spaces. This event is free and open to the public. State Fair Park. This is the largest volunteer-run plant sale in America.

Starting this Sunday! Old Cheney Farmers Market 10am-2pm, on Old Cheney Bike Trail

Photo lifted off Maggie's flickr site. The Old Cheney Farmers Market will be held every Sunday 10am - 2pm from now till 11/1 and it's right on the bike trail at 55th & Old Cheney.

Happy Earth Day. Now, get off the confuser and get outside!

Happy earthday. Click here or here to find out what you can do.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Found in today's mail! My 1st bike tour. I'm getting excited!

Can't wait for the Tour De Nebraska, follow my blog 6/17-21 to see the adventure through my eyes.

Nacho Ride was perfect tonight.

What a gorgeous night for a ride. And the 75 cent tacos at the One Eyed Dog Saloon hit the spot! It was small game night out on the mopac. I saw a rooster pheasant, turkey, 4 quail, and around a dozen cotton tails. I'll be holding a Hunter Education class next tuesday so I can't go but here's hoping you Nacho Ride next week.

Also, the new NebraskaOutdoorAddict stickers are at the new bike pedalers on 14th & pine lake rd. and joyride on 14th and old cheney, stop in and ask for them.

Tonight's mileage 21.18 miles.

Kids don't want to get out and ride on a beautiful day like today? Show them the Danny Mac video:

But, Don't let mom see it!
Found on the Fat Cyclist:
Now they want to get the bikes out huh? (and see how long it really takes to get an ambulance to your house)

Nacho Ride 5:30 at Mopac Trail Head South of 84th & O.

Give the Nacho Ride a try tonight. Photo lifted from Guinness. World's largest Nachos 6/8/2002 2774Lbs. (Nachos in Eagle tonight will be smaller.)

Rode into work today. Took Billy Wolff Trail to John Dietrich Trail. Cool morning (39'F.) but once you get going you're fine. 10.38 miles. It's shocking to me how the mileage is almost exactly the same if I ride west as far as 19th St. before turning east to get to work. (today's route) Or, if I go east to 84th St. then back west to work (yesterdays route).

Monday, April 20, 2009

Two Tired this morning, but riding home (South) this afternoon was a breeze!

Ha! I'm funny today huh? I didn't get up on time this morning because yesterday was so long, so I took the bike to work in the pick-up. Not sure what the white/cream colored bushes are that line the John Dietrich Trail West of 84th, but they were in bloom and smelled great. I'm still too new at blogging to know how to post a scent, but once I figure it out - I will. Check back often. Riding home was awsome in today's 25 mph N.N.E. Wind with gusts up to 45 mph. Going West across the top of the dam at Holmes Lake was a trip. It's the first time I've ever had to lean sideways in order to go straight. Hope you took the time today to stop and smell the flowers. Till next time, "Ride like the wind... or, better yet, ride with the wind!" 10.30 miles.
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