Friday, August 14, 2009

Took the long way home from work today.

This morning I was glad to see that someone had trimmed the tree that's branches hung down so low over the Billy Wolf Trail that you'd have to swerve around it.

After work I took the Murdock Trail East to the 84th St Trail then North to the Mopac then turned West to go pick something up at a store. Afterward I continued West on the Mopac.

I seldom ride down the west end of the Mopac and don't think I've ever seen the mural painted on the privacy fence till today and finally got a chance to give the new 27th St overpass a try. It's sure nice and is far safer than trying to cross in those dangerous intersections.

I then continued home on the Billy Wolf Trail racking up 26.34 miles for the day.

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