Sunday, August 16, 2009

Spending Sunday Spinning.

Early this morning I met up with my blog photographer / personal trainer near UNL.

We took the Salt Creek Levy Trail out to Pioneers Park so I could see if my bike weighed more than the giant old pillars. I held them both up in each hand. Honestly, I can't tell much of a difference between the two.

I knew my bike was heavy and slow, and that I need to find a light, fast cyclecross bike. But, now I have proof that it's heavy! Maybe this'll help the wife understand how much I need a new bike.

On the way back, being the outstanding athletes that we are, we were asked to bring our bikes down to the sidelines of the Huskers football field for 'good luck'. We were honored to do what we could for the team and obliged. Hope it helps this year. (actually, the gate was left open, so we seized the photo opp!)

Afterward I went to the office for a few hours of work, then met up with the family at the mall for back to school shopping before riding back home.

Today's miles = 48.63

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  1. Seems you hooked up as a follower of my site. Thanks for that. And you are a cyclist. Even better.

    Wives are tricky animals. I have been dealing with them as the naysayer in bike purchases for years. You seem to be half way through the problem of getting a new bike. You have proven your dedication by riding your heavy hybrid many miles. What you need are subtle pyschological tools to win her over. Comments like "a new bike would get me home faster so I can spend more time with you honey." Of course if she is smart, and most women are, she will see right through that ploy. But it can't hurt.


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