Sunday, August 9, 2009

Morning ride to Ceresco.

My mileage was really weak so far this week and I wanted to get some pedaling in today. I'd only had one week out of the last ten when I didn't have at least 150 miles on the bike and I didn't want another. So, I went to bed last night with a look at the weather forecast for a 20 percent chance of scattered morning showers and decided I'd be fine. The wind was to be strong out of the North and I had some work to do at the office, so it'd be perfect for a ride to Ceresco before stopping back at the office for a few hours of work. I rode to 56th & Superior, then headed North on Hwy 77 into the wind.

The sky was filling with dark clouds and continued to get darker, but I had faith in the forecast and the riding was pretty easy, especially knowing what a sweet ride back it'd be down hill and with the wind.

Just as I'm hitting Ceresco a few rain drops are falling, but some lighting bolts are hitting the ground and the thunder is almost constant. I was planing to stop for a break before riding back to Lincoln to get a drink and rest, but I change plans and hammer the 15 miles back to the office. The rain quickly turned to a downpour and the lightning picked up. Being on a metal bike on a wet road on one of the highest points in Lancaster county was a great motivator and I flew back with an average speed of well over 20 mph the whole way.

I was soaked to the bone, but managed to keep from getting hit by lightning. Our youngest and I took a ride to the local library later in the evening and made it home just before another short storm. These hour-or-so long storms were the theme of the day, and if you went for a ride you might have run into the same fate I did. But, hey, I did get 40.16 miles in today for a total of 165.04 miles for the week so I'm still on track.

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