Tuesday, August 11, 2009

5,000th mile!

Whoo hoo! I hit my 5,000th mile on the bike on this morning's commute to work. I'd love a new bike, but this one is good as new and has done well. Just wish it was faster and lighter. I sure didn't realize that I'd love riding so much back when I bought it.

That's 2,000 from 2008 and 3,000 so far during 2009. My goal is to hit 4,000 for the year by Halloween. After that, good riding weather is kind of a pot shot. 2008 = 2,000 mi. 5/28/09 = 3,000 mi. 7/1/09 = 4,000 mi. 8/11/09 = 5,000 mi.

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  1. Right on, Shane! The next 5,000 will come more quickly than you expect - after that you'll start losing count. Ride the wheels off 'er, and when you decide you're ready for something else - go for it.

    As far as fall/winter, ya know, I toughed it out most of last winter (until we bought a house and moved late January - that threw EVERYTHING off for a couple months :)) and once I got past the "gaa I'm freezing" sensation in the morning, it was a lot of fun - even the snow/ice. This winter I'm going to pick up some studded tires, those things are the GOODS for ice. Went on an icy ride on my MTB with a guy on a Pugsley and one on a Bianchi cross bike with studded tires. The Pugsley and I had continual slips (with laughter) while the Bianchi looked like it was on rails. Clothing wise, GoreTex is your friend.

    Or.. you know.. be sane and drive all winter. Hah!


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