Sunday, August 2, 2009

To Do List: Ride your bike today. - Czech!

Czech today's ride off the list. Met up with the GPBC for the Wilber Czech Days ride.

We left the South side of Lincoln at 9am going South on 77 then West to Crete then South to Wilber. Seven of us made it all the way, even though the wind out of the Southwest was murder!

Here is a cyclist I spotted East of Crete that wasn't keeping his eye on the road. BTW, the wind was awful!

We stopped in Crete to regroup and catch our breath. Yes, here too, the wind was really, really bad!

After a few hours of brutal pedaling we arrived, the annual festival was huge and so much fun!

What's a blog posting without the quintessential 'parked bikes' pic?

Kids showed off their moves to polka music in downtown Wilber.

Tons of great food!

Here's my Norman Rockwell'ish picture.

Did I mention there was FOOD?!?!?

The Meat Market was coupling up men and women left and right, ahh, what a little polka music can do for the heart!

The festival was great. And the ride back with the wind was even better! Sorry I don't have any pictures of the ride back, but it was just too darn fast.

Talk about a love/hate ride. The ride out was so bad I was cussing the Czechs for having their festival against the wind. But the ride home was so heavenly, it totally made up for the misery from earlier. A fun ride with a great group, loved it!

Today's miles = 57.52 miles.

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