Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nacho Ride fun.

Tonight was the Nacho Ride from Lincoln to Eagle. The turnout was good and the trail and weather were perfect. It's always great to ride and visit with other cyclist about the recent rides they've been on. If you've been thinking of trying the Nacho Ride I encourage you to come out and join us, you'll love it! Be sure to take a look at my past Nacho Rides by clicking here. And stop by the official Nacho Ride site to see who this weeks gift certificate winner is and other upcoming announcements.

A shout out to the BFF Husker On The Road blogger for the bottom pic featuring yours truly on the right. Check her blog often, her posts are always great!

Today's commute to work and back home, then ride to the Nacho Ride and back totaled 49.25 miles.

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