Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Half and half.

The forcast this morning called for another fast moving bad storm during my commute. After yesterday's early morning storm I thought I ought to heed their warning which included 45 mph wind gusts with hard rain. So I loaded up the bike and drove into the office. Well, the storm never hardly materialized and I ended up on the bike for only the ride home today. But, hey 1/2 a commute is better than nothing! I'll bring my pick-up home one of these days. The trails still had some branches waiting to be picked up from yesterday's storm, but they'd all been moved out of the way. On the ride home I caught up with this electric assist bike. My understanding is you've still got to pedal some, but that the electric motor can kick in and help once you've got it going. I'm supportive of anything that gets those who might not be out on the trails out of their 4-wheeled coffins and on the bike paths. Even if you only have to pedal half the way home. Because, as a wise blogger once said, "1/2 a commute is better than nothing!" Today's one way ticket on the work commute yeilded 9.87 miles.

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