Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nacho Riders have a great time tonight.

Riders meet at the Novartis Trailhead just South of O St. on 84th every Tuesday.

The long shadow I cast makes it look like I'm riding an old fashioned penny-farthing.

Horses and bikes sharing the path.

This little lady sped down the trail on her pretty pink bike.

Nacho riders on their way to Eagle.

It was a beautiful night for a spin!

Everything from carbon-fiber road bikes to chrome laden cruisers on the trail.

The guy on the left was on his first Nacho Ride while the lady on the right had done many.

Nacho riders arriving at the One Eye'd Dog Saloon in Eagle.

Bikes parked outside while riders refuel.

Yes, you can bring a 'date'.

Time for a cold drink and warm conversation.

Bikes everywhere!

A good crowd made the 10 mile trip to Eagle for the Nacho Ride tonight. There were lots of first time riders and the weather was pleasant. Seemed like everyone had a lot of fun tonight.

Read about past Nacho Rides on my blog by clicking here. And be sure to check the official Nacho Ride site for more info.

I rode to work and home today, then rode to the Mopac trailhead for the Nacho Ride before riding home for a total of 48.21 miles for the day.

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  1. There ya go! Now that is a nice cross section of cyclists. Excellent!


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