Thursday, August 27, 2009

Riding & window shopping.

I had the day off, so I took a morning spin across town and got my pick-up from the office. I then went to Cycle Works on 27th to test ride a Giant cyclecross bike they've been advertising. It was a cool bike... But, ehh...

I also tried a Giant hybrid for about the same money and wasn't impressed.

Later this afternoon I set out for another ride going South down the Rock Island then took the Tierra Williamsburg to the "Man Sale" near Super Target on 40th St. On the way back I paused to watch some BMX'ers doing their thing at the skate park. I then stopped off at the Bike Rack on 33rd & Pioneers and fell in love!

I've always dreamed about a bike that really fit. Even on my bike, that I've thus far preferred over anything else I've test rode, (besides the fixie - fun, but not practical for the riding I do) I've always felt like I was 'riding' it. But, I've always wished for something that was lighter, more responsive, quicker and yet comfortable. Well, the Trek 7.6 was everything I 'd hoped to find. They make a 7.7 that should even be a step up, but didn't have one in stock. Riding it I didn't feel like I was teetering on top of a bike trying to force it where I want it to go. It seemed like I was just floating. It was so nimble, yet predictable!

Climbing, braking, wheelies, bunnie hops, power stands, and speed like I've never seen while feeling so well balanced and in control. It was remarkable how much more I love this bike over anything I've been on before.

As I continue to feed my new can I'll continue to try other bikes, but I really, really love the Trek 7.6! The one I rode was a 2009, the 2010 comes in a color I like better than the blue 2009. This one is discounted since its the end of the season. But it'll be well into next year, at best, before the can is full enough to get a new bike. Hey, at least it'll be a cool color.

Sorry to ramble, but it was so amazing how great this bike is! And I'm thrilled to have found something that I really love. Today I logged exactly 26 miles on my bike, I can't count how far I rode on the Trek, because that wouldn't really be fair, it was too easy to ride.

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  1. You are very right, the Trek Series is great!! I have the 7.2 (wome's version) and loooove it so much better than my Giant. I test rode the 7.5 recently...because it was on sale....and it ws pretty awesome as well.

    I've been meaning to comment and today was slow at work, so I had the time..... I read your blogs ALL the time and can't wait to read them everyday!! You inspire me to want to ride more....thanks!


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