Thursday, August 20, 2009

Scenes from the Iowa Taco Ride.

Views of the trail.

Riders get a chance to talk while headed to Mineola.


Now I've seen it all. A blue matching Mag Lite Duct tapped to the top tube. And a big styrofoam cooler tied on with bailing twine! (is that red-neck or what?)

Never too young to Taco Ride. Here a toddler is helped out for a break and chance to stretch at Margaritaville.

This sign is overrun with bike team stickers.

Riders take a breather and have a drink at Margaritaville.

Old ford tractor for sale on the side of the trail in Mineola.

The Mineola Steakhouse! It's taco time!

I'll bet this good ol' boy didn't bike to Mineola.

'Watch my wife' sign posted above the bar.

Another 5 minute rain storm has Taco Riders using their menus to stay dry in the beer garden.

The Taco Ride is every Thursday from Council Bluffs to Mineola Ia. It's 10 miles each way and a ton of fun. Check out to find out more.

Today's miles riding Omaha's river front, the Bob Kerrey bridge & the Taco Ride = 30.29

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