Thursday, August 13, 2009

A great night for the Taco Ride.

This family prepares at the trailhead to ride.

Most of the 10 miles from Council Bluffs to Mineola has the trail covered in a canape of trees, it's like riding in a tunnel. The strong winds were barley noticeable and the trail seemed cool even though it wasn't out in the sun.

A rider brings out the big cooler of drinks to Margaritaville. Margaritaville is a spot on the trail just over 1/2 way where riders will stop to visit, take a break, and drink a beverage they brought in their bag/backpack/rolling cooler/etc.

A sweet Surley Pugsley found at Margaritaville. Those shoes are fat! I love it.

Pay attention as you ride through Margaritaville, the crowd sometimes spills onto the trail.

That's one way to park your whip out of the way.

It's hard to tell in the picture, but this bobtrailer has a car battery and a stereo.

Riders going through Margaritaville.

These young entrepreneurs were hawking lemonade on the side of the trail in Mineola.

Traffic laws are very lax in Iowa. I tried to get a speeding ticket, but my legs got tired when I tried to pedal over 249 miles per hour. I wish I was in better shape.

Scenes from the Mineola Steakhouse and their beer garden. The tacos were great! And the crowd was fun.

Incase your spending too much time Taco Riding instead of with the wife. Someone was prepared to help you out, they were selling dog houses on main street of Mineola. Might as well buy one, you know you'll need it.

Bikes EVERYWHERE in Mineola! Anything that would hold still for a minute was liable to have a bike leaned against it, so keep moving.

To find out more about the Taco Ride go to

Today's miles = 19.72

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