Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Last "official" Nacho Ride is tonight.

The GPBC is calling tonight the last "official" Nacho Ride of the season. With darkness coming on earlier and earlier for safety reasons the Nacho Ride will transition into "unofficial" mode following tonight's ride.

Feel free to Nacho Ride year-round, just know that it's only endorsed during times when it's light well into the evening. But with lights on your bike and a little extra caution the Mopac Trail Nacho Ride can be enjoyed well into the fall and winter months.

Unfortunately I scheduled my wedding to take place 9 years ago today, not knowing it would land on a Nacho Ride night, so I will be Nacho Riding tonight only in my mind. I've done the Nacho Ride 19 out of the last 20 Tuesday nights giving me a total so far of 380 Nacho Ride miles down the Mopac to Eagle and back, and the One Eye'd Dog Saloon has served up 57 tacos and around 40 Mountain Dews to fuel me back home. I've made countless friends and look forward to continuing to Nacho Ride into the fall season. Click here to read about my past Nacho Rides. And be sure to check the official Nacho Ride site by clicking here. Have a great time tonight and continue to check back for more unofficial Nacho Ride reports as well as a big upcoming event at the One Eye'd Dog Saloon that'll be great to ride to.

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