Monday, April 27, 2009

Ride to work & back.

Had a nice ride into work this morning, wind from the North was in my face toward the end, but it should push me back nicely. Now I'm just hoping it stops raining so it'll be a dry ride home.

Also Bike to work week is coming up May 10th - 15th and bike to work day is May 15th. Here's your chance to stop living vicariously through my blog and get out and ride for yourself. So, dust off your steed, take some work clothes to the office ahead of time, and make plans to give it a try.

I'll post some links later or you can google 'bike commute' or 'bike to work' to find out more about how to prepare. I've heard it's like learning to smoke, "The first few times you try it are pretty rough, but once you get the hang of it you can't stop." So try it for a week (commuting, not smoking) and give it a fair chance. You might be surprised about all the fun your missing out on.

Update: Took 84th St. trail home. It was high and dry with a stiff cool breeze at my back.

Today's miles: 20.61

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