Sunday, April 5, 2009

A quick outting this weekend.

Burr! Over the weekend I did get out once and went to a Volunteer Hunter Education Instructor appreciation dinner at Platte River State Park. It was my first time there. And I loved it. It’s a gorgeous park and I encourage you to go there, I know we’ll be back when the weather is better and we’ve got time.

Before the dinner I took a few minutes to go down a path on my bike and see a cool waterfall. Other than my State Park Permit, (which was a x-mas gift – thanks Doc!) it’s free to go. Can’t wait to go back and try out the rail to trail converted bike/ped bridge and some of the single track MTB trails, it’s a great place! While there I saw several of the trail runners cross the finish line on their 12 K. race.

The dinner was awesome! Thanks Mike & Herb and ladies from the office. It was a great chance to compare notes with other instructors.

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