Thursday, April 16, 2009

Joy Ride Bicycles coming soon. And my Slow & Go drop.

Tonight I attempted the gptn Slow & Go ride. 5 guys beside myself were there. They were out of my league, they all had road bikes weighing probally 12 lbs. Or less. (my bike weighs 42 lbs with all my junk on it) We headed S. and I soon made the mistake of pulling my phone out of my pocket. My grip wasn't good and it snaged on my pocket. I dropped it on the ground in the weeds on the side of the trail. I stopped to find it and by the time I was ready to roll, the group was long gone. So I tooled around on the Rock Island Trail and Hwy. 2 Trail. I racked up 16.1 miles before calling it a night. I either need to find a more casual group ride or I need to step up my riding, and leave my phone in my pocket. While out tonight I swung by the soon to come Joy Ride bike shop near 14th & Old Cheeney. It's coming along well and should be open soon. Looks like it'll be a great addition to Lincoln's bike scene.

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