Friday, April 3, 2009

I found God! & The new Bike Pedalers. (not in that order)

This afternoon I started riding at the South Point Mall and went west to the new bike pedalers location just south east of the corner of 14th & Pine Lake. It's a very cool store, really spacious, clean and modern. I only wanted to stop by and check out the building, but found a hot deal on a 2008 Felt MTB for our 11 yr old. We might have to make another trip out there to test ride it.

After Bike Pedalers I went north on the South Point Trail to the Rock Island Trail. Guess who I found out on the Rock Island Trail? God! Feeling guilty about skipping church to ride? Well, brethren, put your mind at ease. You can now get the good word while outside enjoying our city. Someone was cool enough to bare their soul on the bike trail, and with colored chalk wrote a handful of uplifting spiritual messages from at least behind Shopko on 27th & Hwy 2 to the North end of the Zoo. How cool is that? Then I turned east and cruised back on the Billy Wolff Trail.

Nice ride, felt good to get out one more time before this bad weather is supposed to hit. Today's Score - 10.98 Miles.

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