Saturday, April 18, 2009

Checking out the city on two wheels.

After church let out we had dinner. Yes, where I come from, dinner is at noon and supper is at night. Lunch is when you take your dinner with you. As in, "I'm packing a lunch to take to work." After dinner I took a ride down the Billy Wolff Trail past the zoo (it's open now, nice crowd today) and past the makeshift memorial for Myles Davis Jr. On 23rd -Q. Then headed down to Memorial Stadium to witness the sea of red. Then went to the National Guard Armory to check out the Lincoln Coin Club coin show. Even though I wasn't allowed to buy anything it was cool to look around and there was no admission charged at the door. It's going on tomorrow too, so swing by and check it out. I then decided to head East on the John Dietrich Trail past the ball fields, took a minute to catch my breath during a boys baseball game then on to 56th and Superior St. Later I'll head back a different route and see what else is going on out there today. Hope your out today too, it's a great afternoon!

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