Friday, April 24, 2009

Cortland & back. What a difference wind makes!

Took the morning off work. But had time for a early ride to Cortland.

Started at the Jamaica North trail head off Satalo Rd. between 14th & 27th at 6:30. Saw a ton of wildlife including squirles, cotton tails, turkeys, deer, a coon and an owl perched on a branch right beside the trail.

The wind out of the South was unbelievable on the way there. I struggled to keep it between 10 & 11 mph!

Once there I had to settle for a Snickers and a Mountain Dew from Ampride since Leanne's is closed for remodeling. Did you know that a Snickers has more nutrition than an apple? It's true! Paul Harvey said so, so you know you can take that bit of dieting knowledge to the bank. Paul is never wrong.

On the way back I flew with the wind at an average of 18 mph the entire 15 miles back. It's a great crushed limestone trail called the Homestead Trail that picks up where the Jamaica North trail leaves off on the South West corner of Lincoln.

It took me 1 hour 32 min. To get to Cortland and 50 minutes to get back. Total round trip = exactly 30 miles.

(as Paul would say) "Good day".

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