Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hope you got out today. It was perfect out there!

Did you make it outside yesterday? If not you missed out on some awesome weather!

The wife, 11yr old, 12 yr old & I took the canoe out for a little while on Holmes Lake after work/school yesterday. The water was calm and it was really peaceful. We took a loaf of ‘duck bread’ (old bread from the bread store, you get a big bag for $1, they call it feed bread) and since we couldn't get the ducks to come over by our canoe we gave what was left to a little girl who was playing in the sand on the bank near the boat ramp while her older brother fished and mom looked on. Kudos to the mom, for taking the kids out! I always get a kick out of giving our leftover duck bread to the families we see when we’re ready to leave.

Then I hit the Mopak trail head at 5:30 to do the Nacho Ride. It was a sweet ride into Eagle. I indulged in 3 tacos and a Mountain Dew with free refills for the astronomical price of $3.65. They hit the spot perfectly and fueled an invigorating ride back to the trail head arriving just before 7:30. The trail was dry and it was simply a wonderful ride. I hope to see you on a Nacho Ride sometime. Really, a great way to spend a couple of hours on two wheels. Score 21.24 miles.

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