Friday, April 17, 2009

The Flying Scottsman Movie - Story of Graeme Obree

This week we saw The Flying Scottsman. Most of the bike movies I get from netflix are documentaries and the wife doesn't like them. But this one is really a good movie. I recommend it for your next rainy day. Here is the description:

Graeme Obree (Jonny Lee Miller), an out-of-work amateur cyclist, designs and builds his own bike from washing machine parts and other scrap. His dedication pays off as he breaks a world speed record to become a cycling hero. And although personal tragedy and professional setbacks threaten his success, he never loses sight of his dream. Laura Fraser and Billy Boyd co-star in this inspiring true story of one man's unwavering determination to win.

Some others to check out are:

New World Disorder - Extreme MTB (if you want to get your boys out of the house and on a bike show them this, but bring your first aid kit!), documentary.

Trials Is Dead - BMX style tricks on MTBs, documentary.

Red Light Go - Messengers on their fixies and allycat races, documentary.

The Bike Squad - Kids movie, good morals with a bicycle storyline.

Pee Wee's Big Adventure - The quintessential bike theft movie.

B.I.K.E. - A tall bike documentary.

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