Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Git-R-Done on the 4th of July in Lincoln!

What a weekend in Lincoln over the 4th of July! Ride your bike to the fireworks and Symphony on the 3rd. See a Saltdogs game and Larry the Cable Guy on the 4th.
UNL will have tickets for sale. $6 each! It'll be the biggest venue a solo stand-up comedian has ever done. And will be taped for a Comedy Central special.
Hate to miss a chance to go to the river or Seward, but this year Lincoln is going all out! Should be a great way to spend some time outside on the 4th for the whole family.
Larry said in yesterday's press conference that he never uses the f-word or the lords name in vain. It's not a dirty show. But it has more like a immature 7th grade flavor. Jokes about grandma having the walking farts, etc.

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