Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lincoln Ve-low run. The 80's. The Flat. & Hunter Ed is posted.

For the record I had a spare tube and air pump on me. But I knew the wife was going by, so a quick phone call to her and she came to rescue me. Thanks again babe! We'd arranged to meet at the office on 56th & Cornhusker so after she gave me a lift I fixed the bike at the office and was ready to have a 'tubular' ride back home. "Yea, that was a shout out to my peeps from the 80's." You know, I'm still trying to get my kids to start rolling up the cuffs of their jeans real tight around their ankles and revive that trend. But their not cool like we were back in the day I guess.

Since I was as far west as 19th & P anyway I went on to MWC to pick up the latest copy of Lincoln Ve-low. I'm such a wanna-be huh? It's really a very cool little mag about the local bike scene. And it's only $2 a copy! Hey, it's also a good excuse to pop into MWC. If you've never gone in there, it's a really groovy bike shop on 12th & P. Shortly after leaving there I was deflated.

The ride home from the office was a sweet ride south from Havelock to the John Dietrich then east to the 84th St. trail and take that south to South St. Then across Holmes Lake's Dam. Had a nice tail wind. Thanks God, I appreciate it. Final score - 17.28 mi. this afternoon on the bike and 5 miles in the wife's SUV.

I'm teaching a Hunter Education class at the end of the month and it's posted on the game & parks site now. Sign up early. Class size is limited and it fills up fast. I'm looking forward to it.

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