Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stop & go traffic stinks! Roll through the city on your bike.

Lincoln has 128 miles of bike trail bliss. Take advantage of it and give riding to work or running errands by bike a try.

Thanks to the Antelope Valley Project trails you can ride from Military & Antelope Valley Parkway at the statefair grounds all the way to South street and only have to stop once at Randolph. (IF you even have to stop at the light) That's 3.6 miles.

Try finding a stretch of road in the heart of the city 3.6 miles long without any intersections or cross traffic to stop for!

You are running out of excuses, the time to start riding more is now.


  1. Shane: You forgot about A street, just south of the Zoo. On the other hand, that's like the Randolph street interchange: IF you have to stop there. I can "Idaho Stop" through there on the ride to work, but I always have to stop on the ride home.

  2. Sorry, it'd be 3.6 miles with one possible stop if you take the Antelope Valley Trails to the Billy Wolff and rode on the east side of the zoo.


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