Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Avoid the rain or embrace it?

This morning I had a big important meeting that was scheduled at the last minute and I needed to look sharp. The only clothes I'd taken to the office were pretty casual. Polo shirts and such. So this morning I drove in, dressed up in my tie, and hauled the bike for the trip home.

I left the pick-up at the office, I'll need it again in a couple of days anyway.

After work I rode home and made it over halfway before a short but intense storm hit. Several cyclist stopped at the same picnic shelter I was at. I had a chance to meet and visit with Emily, a competitor in this weekends CSG triathalon held at Holmes Lake.

While most of us were hiding from the downpour, the group pictured above were swimming in the strong currents in the drainage ditch near the zoo. Looked like fun. But after hearing about the search for a missing swimmer in Beatrice tonight it's clear that swimming in flooded waterways is very dangerous.

I then went back to the office later to do a little more work and on the trip back Jason caught up with me and we talked about some of the biking he'd done years ago and how he's really getting back into it again. Cool guy! And a strong biker. I hope to see him out riding a lot more.

On my commute and a half today I got 27.7 miles.

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