Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nacho Riding for TDN fuel.

I came home from work to find out that our basement water problems were worse than expected and our carpet pad had to be replaced.

I had to Nacho Ride, but spent the rest of the evening and into the night moving two bedrooms worth of furniture and a rec room full of stuff out so the carpet can be removed and replaced with new padding. Ugh! What a nightmare! And it's raining again as I write this. Nothing like staying up late before the tour.

Anyway, back to the Nacho Ride. It was warm & muggy but still around 80 cyclist made the trek out to the OED. And speaking of Trek, check out Sam and her brand new Trek 7.2 on her first Nacho Ride! This week's storms downed a tree for us to ride around. Otherwise the trail was in pretty good shape. It was a great ride that got me an extra 28.1 miles for a total of 47.9 for the day. Now, a shower and a few hours of sleep, then TDN!!! :)

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