Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spring scenes.

On today's commute to work and back I had dry trails and good weather. Good enough that this cyclist in front of me chose to leave his helmet on top of his rack on the back of his bike. He must like to feel the wind in his hair or the blood and brains running out of the gaping hole he'll have when he wrecks with out it on. But hey, to each their own. And I wouldn't have even brought it up or taken a snapshot of him if he didn't have a helmet with him, but didn't wear it... Why even bring it? Why even own one if you won't wear it? 2008 is the most recent year statistics are available, those statistics show that 91% of cyclist killed in accidents were not wearing a helmet. 91%! He's about the 4th biker I've seen this week with a helmet they weren't wearing. WTH?

The Trago Sprayground was a busy spot this afternoon. It's always free to go there and the kids love it.

Parks & Rec employees/volunteers were working in a trailside flower bed along the Antelope Valley Trail. You can sure tell spring is in full swing. And speaking of swing, I'm headed tonight to a Saltdogs baseball game with the tickets my parents gave me for my birthday from the silent auction at last year's Loup Valley Ducks Unlimited Banquet.

Today's miles = 19.7

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  1. You know what "gets" me even more? The ones I see wearing a hat.. but no helmet. They can't even use the "I want wind going through my hair" excuse.

    Personally, the one bad accident I've been in sealed the helmet thing for me. Seeing what my helmet looked like after it, well, I'll never ride sans helmet again.


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