Thursday, June 3, 2010

Riding & Smiling

On the way home during today's commute I stopped off at the dentist for a check-up and cleaning, things didn't look as bad as I'd feared and I finally found a tooth doc that isn't too critical of how careless I had been in the past.

I'll finally be able to look as happy as I feel while biking. Now, how do I keep the bugs out of my teeth with all this smiling I'm doing? Today's miles = 20.5


  1. You don't keep the bugs out. It's good protein and we all know cyclists need protein!

  2. I stopped by my doctor's office yesterday, and had no way to fasten down the bag of stuff he gave me--but I have a rack. So I got some stretchy wrap from his office, and it was all good! He told me I wouldn't be having any more 30-mile biking days, and I just said "Oh?"--and went out and had a total of 13 miles for the day. (My ankle is slowly recovering from a bad sprain. I should be up to 30 miles by--what? The middle of summer? August? We'll see, doc!)


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