Sunday, June 13, 2010

A lazy Sunday ride.

I over slept and was suddenly awoken by my wife who knew I was to meet for a ride at 7am at the zoo, it was 6:26! I quickly saddled up and rode like mad arriving at the zoo at 7:01 feeling shelled after the sprint. It looked like I still beat my riding partner. As I caught my breath and had my morning Mountain Dew I checked facebook to find that he'd wrote me at 12:30 this morning to say 'it looks like rain and that he wouldn't ride this morning afterall'.

I should have logged on first and saved my legs, but oh well, I headed out to the airport and circled back by Kawasaki where they were out doing a little motorcycle riding in the plant parking lot. On the way back I ran across a big RC car racing event near Oak Lake. It was free to get in and fun to watch. Most of the racers seemed to be from out of state. This Sunday morning spin added up to 30.3 miles

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