Thursday, June 25, 2009

Warm commuting week. And deforestation underway tonight.

Monday I had a meeting in Wahoo so I couldn't ride to work.

Tuesday was something like 99' with a heat index of 118' thinking that the commute to work and the Nacho Ride would have made it a 40 mile day and maybe been too much. So, once again I drove.

Finally on Wednesday I rode and today I did too. Even though I was wet to the touch I couldn't help but envy the kids in the spray park and neighborhood pools.

Having so much fun does have a drawback though. I've been neglecting my yard. Well, tonight I finally got around to mowing. As you can see the grass was nearly as tall as the 6 foot privacy fence in the background. I know it wasn't very "green" of me to cut down a rain forest, but I'll make it up to Mother Earth by continuing to commute to work by bike.

Yesterday and today's commutes = 41.11 miles.

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