Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I shot the sheriff, but I didn't shoot no deputy.

22 Nacho'ers braved the heat and made the trek to the OED during the time I was there. Including Nacho Ride founder Cub Wolf.

Since Sheriff Robyn was patrolling the One Eye'd Dog Saloon and Cletus 151 was riding drag. I saddled up my steed and with my trusty yellow 6-shooter (squirt gun) I raised a ruckus on the trail out on the lawless Mopac.

Wounds dried quickly and all outlaws rode into that one dog town in good spirits. We were pleased to find that, in the shade of the Mopac Trail, temps were pleasant.

I admit I may have fired off a couple rounds inside the saloon hitting Sheriff Robyn, "...but I didn't shoot no deputy." -Bob Marley

There was talk of Nacho Ride t-shirts that may be coming out one of these days. (very cool!) And of course another $25 drawing for a LBS gift certificate. Be sure to check the Nacho Ride web site to see who won this week.

Hope you'll make time next Tuesday night to join us on another fun filled Nacho Ride. Happy Trails Cowboys & Cowgirls!

Today's Nacho Ride = 20.85 miles

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