Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Southern Comfort? Not hardly!

Today was 93' with 73 percent humidity making it feel like 121'!!! The ride to work was hot & steamy, but the ride home was downright brutal.

One the way to work I passed this guy on an electric scooter with his dog's leash strung across the trail.

Then coming home I found these empty glass bottles of Southern Comfort beside the trail waiting for some knothead to break them into a zillion tire popping pieces on the trail. I stopped to grab them and put them in a dumpster.

After that I caught up to this guy an a e-bike, and I'm not knocking e-bikes, whatever gets people out riding bikes is cool in my book, but his backpack said "BUM" in big letters on the back. Maybe it was just out of jealousy, since I was working so hard to fight the wind and heat, but I couldn't help wanting to laugh at the irony.

Today's miles on the work commute = 19.8

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