Thursday, July 15, 2010

The "Not So Mini Hustle"

Tonight was another Hustle Alley Cat race. It was first billed as a mini-hustle and later changed to a more fitting name.

We began by taking our shoes off and racing on foot to get them, then hop on our bikes. It was $2 to race, plus 4 quarters. We found out later what the quarters were for

The first stop was Antelope Park, once there we found out the quarters were for a temporary tattoo we could buy anywhere we wanted. We also learned that the next checkpoint was Woods Park.

This is where I screwed up. I didn't know where Woods Park is called home to get the wife to look it up. I was at 23rd & Holdrege before she called back telling me it's at 33rd & O st. I was way too far North West. I picked up a tattoo out of the vending machine at Family Dollar then made it to the 2nd checkpoint. There we were told to put it on our face. (the neck was ok too according to judges)

There we were told the next stop was near 17th & Van Dorn. At that stop we had another challenge before being told the finish was at 14th & O st.

The last stop had one last challenge before the clock was stopped. My detour put me 12th out of 13 racers. But it was a fun race. Tim ended up winning on his new bike.

Today's miles on the commute to work and tonight's hustle = 40.6

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