Friday, July 2, 2010

The Biklops Hustle

Tonight was the Biklops Hustle held in conjunction with the Biklops art show as part of First Friday at Screen Ink in downtown Lincoln. The race started at Screen Ink and we could go to the first 4 checkpoints in any order. After completing the 4th checkpoint we were told where the 5th checkpoint was.

Each checkpoint had it's own color of ink for us to fingerprint ourselves on our spoke card. There were also challenges including riding a child's sized bike through a series of cones at Precision Skateboards, blowing up a balloon then poping it with our butts, eating what must have been the worlds largest saltine cracker without anything to drink, eating a red, white & blue popsicle, and finding Waldo and posing for a picture with him.

The race must have been around 13 miles long and the first few racers in did it in under an hour. I hit a frost heave in the sidewalk hard a block from the finish and got a pinch flat, but the tire held air long enough for me to finish. I was beat by about 5 minutes by Michael Bikel and came away with 2nd place. Matt followed me across the finish line by a quarter of a second. There were 18 racers in tonight's hustle. For 2nd place I got a bag of loot with goodies from Screen Ink, Bike Pedalers, Lincoln Ve-Low, and other local businesses.

Riding downtown, racing and riding home got me 21.9 miles, with today's commute I have a total of 41.5 miles today.

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