Thursday, July 22, 2010


Trek is giving away a bike, built the way you want on their web site. If you don't win they give you a coupon for a Trek waterbottle from a Trek dealer. On the way home from work I stopped to claim my prize and pick up some RAGBRAI provisions. I needed new bottle cages and since I got two the good folks at Cycle Works threw in one of their water bottles also.

Once home I gave my Felt a much needed cleaning, look at all the crap I had on it! But yet I had to stop to get more. Two locks! 5 lights! Rain jacket, 2 bags, saddle cover, mace, and a bike computer! I'm such a geek. I switched back to my road tires, washed it up, and have it looking like new again.

Today's miles on the work commute = 19.4

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